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"beach" a word fobs try saying but end up saying "bitch"
mom:HEY! guess what?
mom: I live near the beach!
co-worker:ohh uhh yeah me too!
mom: its nice to live near a beach because its fun to swim in!
co-worker: what the hell?
mom:uhh...would you like to live near a beach?
co-worker: HELLLLL NAWWW!!!
by nerak audab July 23, 2006
13 72
(noun): The only place you can take pictures of your hot teenage cousin when she's wearing almost nothing at all, in full view of your family and hers, and not have to worry about getting clobbered for doing so.
Teen boy: Hey, cuz, how 'bout a shot of you in that bikini?
Teen girl: What, are you crazy? Some kind of perv?
Teen boy: How about at the beach, then? A shot of you sitting in the surf!
Teen girl: OK, let's go!
by Vermont Ferret March 15, 2005
833 241
Where everyone would like to live forever
- Oh man, lets go to the beach and meet some girls.
- Ok, there are always hot girls in bikini in the beach
by ^Sparco^ March 06, 2005
446 158
The best place on the planet. also see paradise
Calming and soothing
Surfer girl 1:OMG i luv the beach
Syrfer Girl 2:OMG ur so right its the best place EVER!
by Laguna Beach Gal October 17, 2005
425 195
Laying low while on company time. Avoiding work.
I've been spending some serious time at the beach lately - hope the boss doesn't catch on.
by beach girl January 11, 2008
123 56
Substitute for bitch.
you son of a beach!
by EMMIEizHURR May 01, 2010
64 34
A place where you can take the most fucken awsome girl and have a good time. Weither its laying down in the sand or looking up at the stars, there are endless possibilities that can be presented when you are there.

Perfect Definition: Laying down on a blanket in the sand with an amazing girl, a bigass cooler of monsters, chicken wings, stars, sounds of the waves, and some sexually moments ;)

A place where you have a reason to be half naked and act like a fuckin idiot sometimes, usually home to some sick ass parties. Can always find a way to have fun, from surfing, to almost gettin your ass chewed off by shark.
by Tha BAMF May 01, 2011
34 15
A pebbly or sandy shore especially near the ocean
Are yall going to the beach today
by Russell Bartlett June 26, 2014
10 0