A trademark and a short slang used to describe the blackcellular online mobile social network
I like BC better than the rest of those social networking sites.
by Owner of Blackcellular December 15, 2010
The stealthy initials for Beef Curtains (e.g. Camel Toe, Meat Curtains). Used casually in public when identifying.
"Yo, take a look a look at those B.C.'s over there"
by All$tarTraDr January 09, 2006
(v).: the clenching sensation felt in the anal and peri-anal regions following visual input from stimulus commonly found as revolting, painful, unimaginable or otherwise unwanted by the observer; (ant.) butt-cringe.
Oh my freekin' God! I walked in on my roommate to find him bleeding while getting fisted by his male lover on the kitchen table! It totally made my BC.
by Tristan 2 November 21, 2007
short for "body count" - a pastime when watching a movie of a violent nature, keeping track of how many deaths occur throughout the course of the film.
"dude, what's the bc at now?"

"56 and counting...and the flick's not even half over yet!"
by mocker September 25, 2005
BC is an acronym for Booty Call among my circle of friends.
So are you going to call your BC tonight, or are you going home alone?
by Andrea November 25, 2003
a sick hardcore parkourer. Will random jump off anything at any time. Often not aware of anything at all besides parkouring
damn! did you see that girl jump off that tree! shes a BC
by nutter21 November 22, 2010
A large L shaped object made from black leather and cushions often used for to watch late night television on. Black Couch.
She's in the den watching Degrassi on the BC.
by The Den February 18, 2009

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