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Good sense & judgement in practical situations & matters.

"Common Sense" isn't so common & the term is an oxymoron because who is common sense common to? Who defines what common sense is? Logic is universal however, common sense is only common to those who have established something as "common"
Craig: "I hate chicken! I had it one time & I threw up. So all chicken taste nasty."

Tommy: "It's not that you hate chicken, you've only had it once. It's the person who didn't cook the chicken correctly. Saying that all chicken is nasty because you had one bad experience is illogical. You need to use more logical sense Craig.
by Chiseled Adonis May 29, 2015
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When someone says a offensive word or a metaphor at you that offensive too and you use it as a retarded comeback.
Tom: "Hey Tim, your a freakin dumass!"

Tim: "Oh sure! I look like a ASS with legs and is dumb do I!?! And I'm a freak because of that."

Tom: "Just shut up."

Tim: "Your just mad I know what logical sense is!"
by ogtg123 January 07, 2011
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