BC=blatant chirpse

When someone says something to a member of their sexually preferred sex that is so obviously flirting. when this happens, anyone around that person normally shouts out BC.

The announcement of BC can often lead to cock blocking.
Example 1:
Guy: you look amazing (to a girl)
Mates: BC!!BC!!

Example 2:
Friend 1: (insert name) is so hot!
Friend 2: I think you should try it on.
Friend 1: I'm going to lay down a cheeky BC.
by Quinn's Resident December 29, 2009
British Columbia is a Canadian province located in the West of the country on the Pacific coast.
Vancouver is the capital of B.C.
by Dalton McGuinty the thrird February 04, 2006
Before Cellphones.
Now any event before 1985 can be considered B.C.
by frankiewashcloth March 27, 2010
short for bitch cunt; a contemptible woman. to be used when circumstances may not allow the use of swear words such as around children or mormons
that woman who lives next door is such a b.c.
by buck rogers the third August 23, 2009
Big Chop- done by women who decide to go "natural" and cut off permed and/or damaged hair.
I decide to get BC'd and start my journey on January 10th.
by loc'dbeauty December 04, 2010

Incredibly shitty weed
stands for before chronic
what the hippies thought was chronic
GUY 1:Whats that brown shit u smokin?
Guy 2:It's that B.C. chronic
by antuhateme October 25, 2010
booty call
Jose: ayoo hit me upp and you gottz da chance to be a BC
by asdfghjkl;'~!@#$%^&*()_ June 25, 2010

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