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"Before Christ"

All that happened more that 2004 years ago, at time of writing, is considered BC. The date system comes from the spread of christianity and the desire to use the birth of Christ as the standard starting point for years. Anything happening after 1BC is refered to as AD (Anno Domini).

However, the monks that tried to work when the birth of christ was did so over 1000 years ago, and were missing some documents. These documents were discovered in the 20th century, and 'twas found the birth of christ to be four years before the dating system.
Jesus would now be 2008 years old according to the bc-ad dating system
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 08, 2004
Abbreviation for "birth control (pills)," used most commonly by girls.
Girl 1: Oh shit, I forgot to bring my b.c.! This is going to ruin my vacation.
Girl 2: Don't worry; we passed a Planned Parenthood on the way here. They're bound to have some free b.c. lying around.
by slammdunc23 February 11, 2011
Bad Cunt
guy 1 : lets go steal that kids moneyz !!
guy 2 : your such a B.C.
by lolmao !! aussiez September 21, 2008
British Columbia is a Canadian province located in the West of the country on the Pacific coast.
Vancouver is the capital of B.C.
by Dalton McGuinty the thrird February 04, 2006
Acronym for baby cock.
Phil: Look at that guy's huge lifted truck.
Chris: Yeah man he must have a tiny bc
Phil: Word.
by Codgod7 January 16, 2012
Big Chop- done by women who decide to go "natural" and cut off permed and/or damaged hair.
I decide to get BC'd and start my journey on January 10th.
by loc'dbeauty December 04, 2010

Incredibly shitty weed
stands for before chronic
what the hippies thought was chronic
GUY 1:Whats that brown shit u smokin?
Guy 2:It's that B.C. chronic
by antuhateme October 25, 2010