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Bad Crime
Refers to a Crime happening in 1979. No one really knows what happened. "B.C." has been seen in grafitti all over the United States.
Last night my grandpa told me a story of B.C.
by BKA June 02, 2005
1 7
abbreviation for "because"
I put up my away message bc we were getting it on and I didn't want to be disturbed
by wbaker May 09, 2004
56 62
Ben Chapman, as in the guy who invented the BC kick in Soul Calibur. it is used as a last resort to kill your oponent at the last moment. AKA: "cheap move"
Jay: OMG! i am about to lose! but wait...so is he!
Dave: HA HA! BC kick for the WIN!
*Dave kicked him*
by mike phaneuf September 10, 2003
1 7
BC stands for Badcunt, used predominantly to identify someone who has surpassed OG (original gangster) level.

The term is most widely used among Australians, particularly wogs and denotes fearsome, aggressive and belligerent qualities in an individual.

There can only ever be one BC in a certain area (or neighbourhood), whom everyone fears for one reason or another.
Don't fuck with Mickey bro, he's BC.
by DonCicco November 02, 2011
1 8
Postwhore, someone who sits at work all day and clutters up community forums. uses terms such as: Word and homie.
I got on assfaultjunkies site and BC'ed the whole forum up.
by irocgod June 10, 2010
10 17
Short for black cock
white dude "Hey man you think i could get with that girl?"
other dude "Nah she only likes the BC."
by oreallyyyyyyy May 13, 2009
103 110
"Black Couch"
"Hey everybody... hop on the BC! There's always room for one more"
by carolizzino February 18, 2009
1 8