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disapproval of social system, politics and lifestyle in the usa.
to criticize specific aspects of american politics or society isn't anti-americanism. if so, every politician would be anti-american... sounds logical, ehh?!
by marc l. December 09, 2003
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1) Real anti-Americans are those that hate the United States to the point where they are willing to perform acts of treason and/or terrorism. (To state the blatantly obvious, see Osama bin Laden. I hate myself)
2) Those who have been labeled anti-American for disagreeing with the policies of the government and the President. (At the risk of sounding partisan, Michael Moore. I think he really does love the U.S.)
1) Why did I have to pander and say bin Laden... why?
2) Just because you love America doesn't mean you can't be ashamed of it.
by Moses September 14, 2004
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In the UK, an anti-American is one whose outlook is generally opposed to US foreign policy, but who is not stupid enough to despise Americans as a consequence.

This stance is commonly mistaken (largely by the idiots in charge of US foreign policy) as being "anti-American"; however, just as it is quite reasonable to hate Justin Timberlake and still love music, it is easy to see how one may dissociate the US government and the American people - especially since the former was not even elected by the latter.

A minority here actually ARE anti-American as a result of US foreign policy, but they are ill-educated buffoons, and can be disregarded.
That Bush - what a total wanker. My mate Bill from Seattle agrees with me completely. Call me anti-American if you must...
by Mozzer September 12, 2004
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To be against America or Americans.
by tradesman August 12, 2003
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one who is against America and the American people - nowadays synonymous with 'American' (like flammable and inflammable)
that guy is an anti-American
by Monkey_Guy September 14, 2004
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A stupid-ass insult aimed at anyone who doesn't agree with right-wing political, economic, social or religious goals or doesn't agree with the right-wing, revisionist view of American history and policies as inherently altruistic and benign. Often used by far right Republicans to mean anyone to the political left of Ronald Reagan. Used by some ignorant Democrats to mean anyone to the left of moderate liberals/conservative Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton. Used especially harshly to defame and dismiss Minorities (especially black people and Arabs) who unflinchingly shine some light on the more sordid parts of the American past and present to the chagrin of some white people in denial who want to believe racism is over or wasn't all that bad.
Intelligent American: "The war in Iraq is a fucking travesty. The fact that perhaps more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians are dead and probably more than 5,000 US soldiers are dead because of it is horrific. I don't think history will look kindly on this massacre. I hope our grandchildren will forgive us for our actions which brought about the economic decline which will leave them in debt."

Ignorant American: "Shut the fuck up you black-welfare-recipient-liberal-pinko-commie-anarcho-Kim Jong Hugo Fidel Chavez Ahmadinejad-loving-anti-American-fag-loving-queer. The surge is working and we had to fight this war because the terrists are taking of the world because they hate us for our freedumb. You're probably an Obama-loving socialist you fucking hippie. Get a haircut and get a job, terrorist-hugger. You just want America to lose because you hate everything American and hate democracy. Why do you hate freedom?"

Intelligent American: "Nothing about the hijacking of this country by the corporate and bureaucratic elite and bloodthirsty profitering war-mongerers is about 'freedom' or 'democracy'. This is about sacrificing American lives for profit and power. Anyone who sits by and lets this country be hijacked by soulless suits and cheers them on as they bury this country in death tolls, debt and ruin is not a patriot. They're a fucking ultranationalist retard who worships national authority figures and has no concern for the country or their fellow citizens and neighbors. If you support wars so much why don't you enlist in the Army and go fight the war you support so much you fatass, armchair coward?"

Ignorant American: "Uh, I'm doing my job here in the homeland frontline....from my home computer.....uh...SHUT UP YOU FUCKING COMMIE BASTARD!"

Intelligent American: "Go sign up so you fight on the frontline in Iraq or Afghanistan. They need more soldiers for the surge. And pay for this damn war with your own damn money instead of using my tax dollars to do it, you fugging Neanderthal."
by New Edition Fan August 09, 2008
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1. From the viewpoint of a true Average American, an Anti-American is one who hates absolutely everything about the country. The people, the culture, the government, everything. Usually hates Americans who've never hated different cultures and/or countries in the first place.

2. From the viewpoint of a Ultra-Conservative American, an Anti-American is one who does not agree with the policies of the Bush Administration.

1. Anti-American: "You people have no culture! You're based on senseless bloodshed for 300 years! You go over to Iraq for oil so you can consume, just like you to your McDonald's hamburgers. You don't know culture if it hit you. You take from every other culture and call it your own! You had 9/11 coming to you. Such an inferior culture deserves an action against them."

Average American: "Last time I checked, many European countries took over continents and killed off civilizations and tribes, including tribes in Africa and the Mayans and Aztecs in South America. You all took over areas in Africa and South America, India, and China and called it your own. We are the result of your European Imperialism. Now, even though we shouldn't be in Iraq, it's safe to say that what we have done is very mild to what many European countries have done already in the past."

2. Anti-American: "Your country is alright, but Bush needs to get out of office. Also, maybe America should pull out Iraq, it's not solving anything."

Ultra-Conservative American: "Shut the hell up, you French snotty-nosed bastard! We are the world's best country and don't you forget it! USA! USA!"
by mhavas703 November 29, 2007
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