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BBC stands for "Bitches Be Crazy". Can be used whenever a bitch is acting fucking stupid. Can be used by a male or female in regards to any female acting out of line.
"dude, i forgot my anniversary, and my girl went BBC"


*girl gets really drunk*
*girl starts talking shit about everybody*
*catfights break out*
random guys watching: "Dude..BBC."
by cpp b18c1 June 14, 2009
8 24
Big Black Cock. Usually found on African-American males. Also found inside slutty white girls.
Dee pounded Laura with the BBC last night.
by Guy22222 January 26, 2006
5098 1639
British Broadcasting Corporation. Britain's largest broadcaster and the world's largest news gathering organisation.

In the UK, the BBC accounts for more hours of TV viewing and radio listening than any other organisation. A combination of populist shows, public service programming and respected news, BBC TV could perhaps best be described to Americans as NBC, PBS and CNN combined. Only better, and without the advertising.

Internationally, the BBC is best known for its news coverage. Of course this is horribly biased. For example, where it shares an audience with Fox News, viewers report that the BBC broadcasts a special left-wing anti-American news service, nicknamed the "commie bastard special". Yet where it shares an audience with Al Jazera it is said by viewers to offer a notoriously pro-western, anti-Islamic message, locally termed the "honest George and Tony show".
The BBC is the best reason not to leave Britain at the earliest opportunity.
by Linton July 11, 2003
2018 1110
Big Black Cock
she had the BBC last night.
by vcbv April 19, 2004
1557 882
Big Black Cock
That ho wasa sucking on that bbc.
by LUE402 March 14, 2004
1118 857
An amazingly huge, mouth watering, finger-lickin good, jaw droppin, B-ig B-lack C-ock.
Los, can I suck your BBC? Why Hello Charles, will you PLEASE drop your draws so I can take a picture of your BBC for the guiness book of world records?
by Trisha Simons April 07, 2006
921 789
Big Black Cock
White girls love the BBC.
by kmcUF07 March 25, 2010
415 322
big black cock ---- BBC
yo u know that kid dave yeaa he has got a massive BBC
by JNESH January 23, 2008
425 348