term used to refer to one's buttocks. used in west indian countries mostly guyana.
you got a big batty
by abiolac October 23, 2008
Batteries in Engrish.
Only use correct batties
by Brushwell January 30, 2008
An abriviation of the word Batmitzvah
1: Ahh so excited for the batty!
2: Don't you mean batmitzvah?
by justsoyouknowthat... June 19, 2009
everyone else is nearly correct the batty is a MALES buttocks bum ass.
'you dirty batty boy man u ment to stick to the erb man smoke it daily'
by Matt January 04, 2004
Jamaican slang for ass,bottom or buttocks.Does not mean homosexual or anal sex.
by Jamaican - S.W. September 26, 2003
A patois term used to refer to a person's buttocks.. One which many white folk use today despite the fact that they cannot pronounce it.
White: Yea like totally, a bahtee boy :) hehee i speak patois now!
by Dont Worry Bout That!! August 20, 2005
This is Mitch Beardsell, the stupid townie fool who lives on mersea island
Mitch is batty - he loves men
by Mike Argent October 28, 2003

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