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To get wacky, or crazy involving some type of intoxication. Extremely wild and to party hard.
Me: Rob you trying to get batty tonight?
Rob: Yeah buddy! I got some a bottle to pre game with.
Me: Sweet were gonna get mad batty tonight.
by Naulty Crew March 11, 2012
8 7
A popular irish shortening for the name Bartholomew.
I'm called Batty after my grandfarther, no joke
by BattyWalsh March 05, 2011
12 12
an RX7 series 6 or 7, looks like a bat mobile.
damn look at that bridge ported batty. hook a skid mate!
by hook_a_skid_mate September 18, 2009
9 10
a cold frosty Labatts Blue Beer
"While, im up anybody need a batty"
by PIMP-MODE-420 February 05, 2008
30 31
Batty a defice for Pot smoking also know as a one hitter.
As in damn man let me get a hit of that batty.
by Hallie September 20, 2004
45 46
It means you are beyond fat.
Move it Batty!! * pushes fat person*
by AnnabelLee...... April 12, 2011
5 7
a very large marijuana cigarette
Man, I'm too stoned- I just smoked a batty
by LuciferJones March 11, 2011
4 6