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shrub shrub
by Joe Humpo October 13, 2003
a person who has difficulty behaving in public. Often found prancing around like a fairy.
You batty boy
by Spiderwebo July 18, 2003
1. N. A sad, pathetic girl who seeks attention through means of attempted suicide and crazy antics at school. A girl who does not know how to properly wash their hair or do their makeup.
2. Ajd. Slimey, Ugly, Dancer
1. "Ew that girl is such a bat."
2. "That chick over there is so batty."

by Hottie McHottStuff February 07, 2007
Batty, referring to Batty Sex-Materbation.
People practicing batty sex are batties

I, myself do enjoy batty sex
by jugglin October 26, 2005
nick terry
look up nick terry
by Gangsta massive September 23, 2003