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Protagonist of the story in the Mars Volta album, De-loused in the Comatorium. After overdosing on morphine, he enters a dream world where he is put through a series of trials by the tremulants, creatures from his own mind that inspire his art. In the end, he comes out of the coma and feels only fit for the dream world and attempts suicide again by jumping off of a bridge, this time succeeding.
Take the veil, Cerpin Taxt!
by fraghappy November 17, 2004
1) (n.) An oxymoron or paradox.

2) (n.) A subject studied by a people who don't believe in the subject.
That Christian science reminds me of the software title "Microsoft Works."
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
1) SYNONYMS: chokin' the chicken, spanking the monkey, flogging the dolphin, beating off, jackin' off, buffing the banana, wanking off, playing with yourself, tootin' your horn, fighting the purple helmet warrior, rubbing the one-eyed snake, commiting spermicide, taking your turn at the self-serve station, fishing with your zipper trout, beating the shit out of your midget friend, makin' mayo, polishing the family jewels, test-firing the old meat missle, wrapping the hand around the penis and moving it in a thrusting movement. (v.) The act of sexually pleasing yourself to orgasm. For males this involves using the hands to massage the penis in a thrusting motion, while for females this involves rubbing and stimulation of the vaginal and clittoral areas. This is often accompanied by some sort of sexually pleasing visual and/or mental stimulation.

2) (n.) Something a true Catholic cannot do because the wrath of the imaginary friend will come down upon them. See god.

I was so horny I bought a Playboy and masturbated.
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
1) (adj) Anything that kicks ass.

NOTE: Not to be confused with "shit" which is a derrogatory term meaning something entirely different.
The new South Park episode was the shit!
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
1) (n.) A shitty, slow, spammy, laggy, poor customer-serviced, all-around sucky internet connection. Often associated with internet connections that crash excessively for no apparent reason.
Wow, your AOL sucks!
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
The law of physics that states that if one teenage girl is screaming for something, other nearby teenage girls will begin screaming for it, and the mass of screaming girls will grow exponentially until every teenage girl within a four-mile radius is screaming.
Backstreet Boys are the worst band ever, and their success was based only on the Gomlich Effect
by fraghappy December 01, 2004
(n.) A music file that can be downloaded of of P2P programs or internet sites. The spread of this file type has caused many people to rip off music illegaly, causing recording artists to shit in their pants because they are losing 3-8% of their profit.
The RIAA shit in their pants when they saw my MP3 collection.
by fraghappy November 06, 2003

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