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1. A term used to describe a person of the opposite sex who you are seeing - but not really into - but are using to keep your game sharp and on par. Batting practice usually takes place after a breakup from a long relationship.

2. The actual date you go on with the above mentioned person.
Person #1: "So you really like this girl?"

Person #2: "Not really, she's just batting practice."

Person #1: "You taking that girl out to a fancy restaurent?"

Person #2: "Nope, tonight is just batting practice. In-N-Out will do."
by Youthful Wisdom June 27, 2005
The act or practice of using an emotionally unstable (or otherwise un-dateable) person as a sexual batting cage, so as to be prepared for when you step up to bat in a game that matters (see: hottie)
Marty: "So, I hear you've been dating this Emily for quite some time...is it getting serious?"

Jimbo: "Not at all, I just want to be prepared for when I meet a girl that matters to me. Actually, any girl that is capable of spelling would be an improvement over the one I have now. I haven't even stepped up to plate yet, this is still batting practice."
by G-Ram! (Pelvic thrust) July 24, 2008
Masturbation, particularly in males.
Good thing I took some batting practice before going out with Molly tonight... it was a big game and a big performance was necessary.
by Matt&Lauren September 08, 2010
beer pong
batting practice tonight after work?

dude i'm down
by diddydumdiddydo July 31, 2009
Code for smoking a small amount of marijuana from any type of glass, wooden, acrylic or home made device that isn't rolled. "Bowl Pack" "Batting Practice" get it?
Teacher: What are you kids doing after class today?

Student: Cheech and I are going to take batting practice behind the bleachers.
by Joe Show October 11, 2007
After ridding of a kidney stone, trying to whack it with your wang before it falls to the floor or toilet bowl.
Dad and I both took batting practice today, but Dad stayed home.
by Brian J Brown November 29, 2005