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A male who likes to have rectinal intercourse with other males.
Hey homo.. er.. I mean battiboy.
by Nathar Leichoz May 14, 2003
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1. A homosexual man (Batti=ass Boy=man)
2. A term used by moronic idiots who have nothing better to say
1. He started rubbing my shoulders and I knew he was a batti boy.
2. I got called a Batti Boy last night, I thought to myself 'Only a fucker would say that'
by Kip Stevens April 19, 2004
A derogatory phrase found in some reggae lyrics that is hostile towards homosexual men.
Most reggae music is so uplifting and positive; it's too bad some dancehall jerks use ignorant phrases like batti boy and chi-chi man in their lyrics and take away from the usual loving, peaceful message of that genre.
by KiKi June 29, 2004
a phrase commonly used by chavs, scallies and wiggas which means ' gay boy' ...
chav: oi BATTI BOY! been to any good gay bars recently?
by Mandaaaaaaaaaaaa June 24, 2005
A guy hu is obviously battin 4 the other team!!They have a thing 4 tight trousers and shirts, and give other guys a "certain" look.
The guy wid lots of girl m8s
by Moonbabe58 November 22, 2003

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