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adj 1. under the influence of marijuana; STONED.
"Man we got baked last night."
by MF September 05, 2002
A solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk, often seasoned and aged.
"Cheese is mad good shit."
by MF September 03, 2002
An instance when a female looks good from a distance. Soon to find out they are one ugly bitch, up close.
"That chick was good from far, but far from good."
by MF September 05, 2002
When a man has large, woman-like breasts.
"Wow that guy has bitch tits."
by MF September 01, 2002
An article of clothing designed for ones head.
"My hat is red."
by MF September 03, 2002
Pestilence of fansubbing that has lead to the acronym "aj" meaning "absolute junk". Complete disregard to any asian language, namely Japanese and Korean.
"your f*cks and your tradors!!!"
"Prelude of the Baridegi princess (Scrapped Princess 1)"
"Mass naked child events"
by mf January 27, 2004
v 1. to appear as if on drugs, even though one is sober.
"Wow that Mark Fry kid is perma-fried."
by MF September 05, 2002
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