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The curse of the clevage has haunted mankind since the dawn of low cut tops. When your looking through a crowd and suddenly 'WHACK' there's clevage! And even if you don't mean to you cant help but stare just for a second which is just long enough for the holder of the clevage to clock you and then your buggered. For help look up bonzo.
(Looking for someone in a crowd, panning across 'Woopah' theres clevage, pause for a second, realise look away quickly, be ashamed of yourself. (its not your fault)
by Biggles May 29, 2004
Signal of acknowledgement of someones nice arse.
The desired effect being you can shout it out to your mate and the target (i.e holder of the razzle) won't have a clue whats going on. Unless they read tis in which case they will. Hmmm.
(A nice arse walks buy)
"Razzle" (usually followed by a nod from who ever your telling)
by Biggles May 29, 2004
As well as an annoying git i.e Ben Affleck (curse that chin) it can be used in refrence to an object or animal,
i.e. Bastard Spoon
Bastard Octopi
Bastard Spoon mongering Octopi
by Biggles May 29, 2004
Great lovers of cheese, synonymous with DEATH.

Most commonly used in conjuction with 'of DOOM'

And of course, incredibly sexy.
What does Kreacher get from Hermione for Christmas in OotP?

by Biggles March 18, 2004
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