A child born out of wedlock
by Ferg June 30, 2003
A child with no father
Evan is a cunt bastard mother fucker
by Sean January 04, 2003
1.Child born out of wedlock.
2.A word used to verbally abuse a person.
3.A bastard is you.
Hey that one dewd said you stole my chicken nuggets, "What that fucken bastard".

Run you little bastard run!!

Fuckyou you fucken bastard *Punches*
by BastardChild June 11, 2005
An extremly retarded attendee of the Brisbane Anime Society. The kind of person who's life revolves around anime and little else. Bastards may: Dance like idiots, dress up like characters from anime, wear cat ears and be really iritating.
Those bastards are dancing like fagots to the intro to Get Backers.
by Blue Dodo July 04, 2004
1) Fish excrement.
2) An insult.
3) Somebody born without a father.
1) "Dude, look at that floating bastard."
2) "Dude, that guy's a bastard."
3) "Dude, BO's mum's a whore and he's a bastard."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
child with unwed parents who make sweet loving without the idea of making a child, the child is often unwanted and throw in a trash can in the hood
wesley is a bastard because he ironically was the ring bearer at his own parents wedding. thats some drawin shit
by Jeff Bagwell July 24, 2005
The plural of bastard in reference to any and all New York Yankee's fans.
Those bastards won the world series again, FUCK ME, do I hate the Yankees!

by josh July 07, 2004

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