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to embrace bastardy and to live life with the purpose of creating more bastards. It is also a religion.
Hugh practices bastardism and hopes to create as many bastards as he possibly can through the act of having unprotected sex with women out of wedlock.
Hugh is a member of the bastardic faith.
by Conor1991 September 27, 2006
1. (n) The art of being a bastard.
"Mr. Hill gave you 75 pages of homework? That's bastardism!!!"
by prvtdonut7 April 20, 2005
Someone pre-judges you and assumes you will be trouble by the way you look, even if you're incredibly laid back.
As the group entered the pub the public bristled assuming the bar staff would have no input if anything kicked off! "Hmm there's defo a strong amount of bastardism in here".
by Sazzy J March 27, 2016
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