A contraction for the phrase 'badass'.
You try playing Rez yet? It's frickin' b'ass.
by TiTanTHPS December 31, 2009
An abreviation for badass.
"Whoa, the Amazing Spiderman is totally bass!"
Bitches Are So Shady! This means that if your a female you cant help but to be shady to men....... In one way shape or form all Bitches Are So Shady!
You know that one bitch that my nigga likes well she is the B.A.S.S. Master!!!!
by That Boy Matt Smith April 14, 2006
The part of your body between your BALLS and your ASS. Derived by combining Balls + Ass = Bass. A.K.A. "Gooch", "Chode".
1. Before that chick gave me head, she went down and licked my BASS royally!
2. Went camping all weekend, and haven't showered yet...Boy, my BASS is extra ripe, containing a funk of a thousand smells!
by Butt Boy 75 October 19, 2008
adds to the sound of a guitar, while a guitar makes a bass sound not-boring.
the lack of bass is probably the biggest reason the white stripes suck so much
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005
v. the act of bailing on plans, right before something awesome happens.
n. someone who bails on plans. (previously known as the blitz)

past tense:bassed
Can you believe Steven bassed out on dancing last week, he totally missed that girl losing her shirt
by johnstone173 July 13, 2011
Stands For Big, Ass, Skanky, Slut, usually used to define a blonde white hoe but can be used for a slut of any race
Abby is such a B.A.S.S. i heard the whole 10th grade choir class fucked her.

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