4 definitions by haz

A derogatory term for a person of Anglo-Saxon descent. Can be combined with a degree measurement to specify the amount of Anglo-Saxon ancestry in a person, where 90 degrees is fully Anglo-Saxon.
Hey, Angly, Shut the hell up.
by haz June 12, 2004
where u fall on your testicles while skating.
dduuuddde i was like doing a 50-50 when i bongo nacked!
by haz September 24, 2003
a type of phalice used mainly by peoples mums who are hot.
last night i tried out the biznash 3000 i was in orgasm heaven!
by haz September 24, 2003
verb - to give someone a hiding
noun - a physical beating
he's going to get the bash when I see him

lets bash that mother fucker
by haz January 23, 2004

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