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Interchange of text in which an unsuspecting newbie describes imaginary actions of a sexual intercourse to another user of the Internet, who claims to be a young, good-looking woman, yet always is a fat and hairy old man who smells.
by Targen December 02, 2002
Abbrev. Full of shit.
by Targen December 02, 2002
1. n. Pornography obtained from, stored in and/or displayed on a computer. "I gots me some new pr0n off Kazaa!"
Term used to refer to pornography charged with humor. Note that pr0n may not be pornography at all. "Woooow, I dig this ASCII pr0n..."

2. Variant of porn.
by Targen December 02, 2002
v. To bash.
The act of submitting one or more lines from an IRC conversation to the bash.org database.
by Targen December 02, 2002
Yellow creature of about one foot of height and spotted back, presumably of extraterrestrial origin.
"No rule is solid."
-Personal motto of the Cheat
by Targen December 02, 2002
n. Variant of fuck.
by Targen December 02, 2002
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