Unusually large white man that thinks he looks good in a thong. Usually attached, but enjoys things in the anus.
Sarah: Did you see that guy?? Gross,,

Lisa: Oh its just a Barry...
by avail202 November 06, 2010
A short or Slang term for Sudbury Ontario, Canada.
Sudbury's a middle sized town in northern ontario.

Even thou this it's properly spelled Sud'BURY' The slang term is said 'Barry'.

Also know for it's grow-0p's.
-where'd you get this great weed?

-from my guy in barry.
by Canada girl_eh? May 13, 2007
To barry someone is to beat someone up. Originated in the North of England.
"Aye mate, 'e I caught the Fishwick lad stealin' my prize ram so I barried 'im, so I did."

"You little fucker, I'm gonna barry ya!"
by _sleepydwarf May 06, 2013
A synonym of "pussy," "wimpy," "extreme wuss," "no balls." Etc.
"Hey you! Give me a lap dance!"

Nah he wont' do it, he's too much of a Barry!
by Sezza123 November 04, 2011
Verb: to barry

To empty the contents of your stomach/ rainbow burp, speak to god on the great white telephone/ Make friends with the toilet seat, due to alcahol consumption

Originated from the GWA borlase
"Mate, i shouldnt have had that "n"th beer i think im gonna barry......*eugh*"
by CLynch October 04, 2007
Dashing young Kerryman with a 42 inch.......plasma. Wears fetching hats on occasion and his bum is particularly nice in his jeans. Often disappears to bed once he knows there's a lady up there and is on the eternal quest to build the biggest.bed.ever..if only his mother would stop stealing his timber.
James the demigod pulled a Barry last night after some action with his 42 inch plasma, wearing a fetching hat into his timberless bed.
by Jimmygod February 05, 2010
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