a creepy old man who finds out about you online and then stalks you forever
mum: who you talking to?
daughter: this really nice girl
mum: just be careful it could be Barry, just be careful don't give them any personal information
by daisyd123 March 20, 2016
More specifically "having a Barry", and it is one of the better examples of twice-removed Australian rhyming slang.

It means you're having a bad time of things, or a shocker. The connection is Barry Crocker, an extremely naff singer from Geelong, Australia (my home town - carn the Cats!) who sang the original theme song to Neighbours and is usually seen these days singing at telethons or Carols by Candlelight or other such horseshit.

In a nutshell, shocker = Barry Crocker = Barry.

Most often used in a sporting sense, when someone asks how you performed.

PS for the Seppos out there, Neighbours is a cheap and nasty Aussie soap opera that the Brits can't get enough of. BTW, "Seppo" is another example of Aussie rhyming slang, meaning American (Yank = septic tank = seppo)
When your leggies are disappearing for 9 an over, or you've kicked 4 behinds and 2 out-on-the-full for the day, or your pitching's been racked for 3 homers in 1 innings(if you're a Seppo), mate, you are having an absolute Barry.
by Choda Boy 57 August 10, 2006
A typical, chavvy, culturally oblivious, British man when abroad. Usually seen in or near bar/club areas, drinking what anyone who doesn't have to share brain cells would consider a "girly" drink.

Categorised by wifebeater vest, England tattoos, pale skinned and/or sunburnt, loud and aggressive for no reason, calls everyone "mate" (especially people he dislikes), and has seemingly no control over when he calls someone a "cunt". Think "The Only Way Is Essex", "Geordie Shore", Magaluf, Ibiza, etc. They probably like Lil Jon, too.

Called a "Barry" because they usually have some shit name like Barry or Kevin or Kieran or Shane.
"I was really enjoying a quiet drink by the sea, until a load of Barry's turned up and started chugging Carling."

Person A: "Excuse me, would you mind just moving a bit so I can get to the bar?"
Barry: "awwight m8, sorry, didn't realise u own the place, yer cunt, I'll just fuckin' move out yer way shall I m8?? yeh don't mention it, wateva m8, u go where u please, ya cunt, fuckin' ENGLAAAAANND."
Person A: "...I just want to get a drink"
Barry: "twat"
by jurphy July 18, 2014
1. barry is slang for the magnum brand ice cream (started by the treatment of a magnum by a middle aged man called Barry Exton)
2. a penis
3. anything that can be described as 'barry' which in fact means nothing, actually is more positive that negative
'set us a barry creamy'
'that was bare barry'
'give him a bare barry shanking'
by Barry is a legend July 06, 2006
Nickname for a girl named Drew. Deriving form actress Drew Barrymore.
"Heyyy there Barry ;)"
by drewbieisme October 24, 2011
another word for embarrassed.
Guy #1: uhh i look so ugly in this photo!

Smargs: u barry?
by SiBskii April 08, 2011
Unusually large white man that thinks he looks good in a thong. Usually attached, but enjoys things in the anus.
Sarah: Did you see that guy?? Gross,,

Lisa: Oh its just a Barry...
by avail202 November 06, 2010
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