a male prostitute, normally gay, and likes to play with people who have a piss fetish.
look at that boy over there playig with piss fetish boy,
god he's such a barry
by anonymous lil bitch March 19, 2008
v. To bail on your friends repeatedly after saying you will be at an event.

n. The act of bailing on your friends repeatedly after saying you will be at an event.
I have a game that night, but if my foot isn't better, I'll come out there. Hopefully I won't Barry.
by Ducatista October 18, 2007
A south eastern English word describing ones urge to get high and become socially enept in doing so.
"Look, that kid is totally barrying out"
"You were so barrying"
"fancying barrying this weekend!
by Lyndon William December 09, 2007
nickname with a small dick that has herpies.
Yo dude that kid from ridley has a barry. it's pathetic.
by David Scallywhapper June 12, 2008
to barry (verb):

to vomit, puke, barf, chuck up, hurl; usually due to excessive alcohol consumption

//Meaning originated in the south but is now in wide-spread use throughout most parts of the UK//
1) oh no, i think i'm going to barry... not again... *bleurgh*
2) last night was mental, can't believe how many times i barried
by swbgs May 31, 2008
The part of the scrodum that connects to the area right before the butthole.
"Dude, I found my car keys yesterday. Can you believe they were wedged deep into my Barry!"
by hibbiscussx July 10, 2008
Code word slang for Cannabis (green, skunk, zut)
Boy1 "Is Barry coming out?"
Boy2 "Yeah we just gotta knock for him"
Mum "okay boys have fun!
Boy1 "will do ;)"
by hedgeyabets! March 29, 2008

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