A smooth operator who has jazz playing as his personal soundtrack. A Barry typically has an afro, yet can be shaved completely bald.
Yo dog, I hear da de....must be a smooth operator Barry nearby!
by Bigbootsie101 June 09, 2016
When a friend stands you up, maintaining that he is on his way and definitely coming to meet you, until you receive a text message half way through the meet up.

"Sorry guys I can't make it tonight. Work stuff."
Dave: Where's Brad?
Steve: He's doing a Barry mate!
by slt669 October 20, 2015
to vomit in a hyperbolic manner.
Derived from Barry Chuckle of Chucklevision of which can be used as a substitute.
I was so ill today that I Barried all over the bathroom.
Wait a minute, I'm going to stop for a technical Barry Chuckle around the corner.

chunder puke vomit
by TerryNutkins July 06, 2016
Edinburgh-based adjective, meaning terrific, exceptional, highly enjoyable.
That water slide was barry fun!

So you can come to the pub after all? Barry!
by Robbiemac July 06, 2010
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