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To be Hard & Active.
Those poly boys are so Barry it's brazy.
by barriest May 19, 2014
2 1
This is a slang word for fellatio.
Oh my god - that boy just asked me for barries.
by Cup-Sellithaine November 06, 2005
30 32
Edinburgh-based adjective, meaning terrific, exceptional, highly enjoyable.
That water slide was barry fun!

So you can come to the pub after all? Barry!
by Robbiemac July 06, 2010
78 83
Unusually large white man that thinks he looks good in a thong. Usually attached, but enjoys things in the anus.
Sarah: Did you see that guy?? Gross,,

Lisa: Oh its just a Barry...
by avail202 November 06, 2010
9 18
Irish, but prodominantly Dublin slang for a poo, shit, crap etc....

Derived from American sould singer, Barry White.
"Hang on a minute, I'm dying to take a barry"

"I'm going to the toilet for a barry"
by sheslostcontrol November 04, 2011
10 20
another word for embarrassed.
Guy #1: uhh i look so ugly in this photo!

Smargs: u barry?
by SiBskii April 08, 2011
20 30
A short or Slang term for Sudbury Ontario, Canada.
Sudbury's a middle sized town in northern ontario.

Even thou this it's properly spelled Sud'BURY' The slang term is said 'Barry'.

Also know for it's grow-0p's.
-where'd you get this great weed?

-from my guy in barry.
by Canada girl_eh? May 13, 2007
79 89