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Being sexually aroused by urine and the act of urinating and perhaps enjoying being peed on or swallowing urine.
Max: Last night when Julia and I were in the shower, I made her get on my knees and drink my piss. She has a piss fetish and she swallowed it just like a good slut.

James: Awesome, can I borrow her for a night?
by Miriam SSS June 27, 2007
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Pornography which goes into detail of women having pissing contests, pissing into a jar or pissing on each other or themselves.
<Barry:> Geffrey found a free, uncut piss-fetish website with no sign-up at all!! It features hot, naked women pissing in jars, and close-ups of their pissing pussies!!! OMFG!!!
<Geffrey:> I know. I am Geff.
by B-Drac August 22, 2003
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