An individual who, at some pursuit or similar, is inferior to you in skill terms yet follows you round like a jealous lover. Short for Barnacle.
"Hi, my name's Johnny and these are Richard and Douglas, my two barns."
by KHD January 20, 2004
You call someone a 'barn' when they do something stupid, annoy you or reveal an embarrassing secret about themselves.

Also a synonym of idiot, fuckhead, fuckass, loser... etc
"You like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? ...You're a fucking barn!"

"You're annoying me, you stupid barn."

"That barn just drank a litre of shit!"

by Joeli, Jess and Miranda May 27, 2007
A merge of burn and ban, written by an anonymous forumer in the following context: ''Go, *bleep secret name*. Barn this heretic!''
It came from burn since, he/she noted, heretics were led to being burnt down before.
And, ban because he/she wants me to get banned. Temporarily. Hahaha.
Well, I dunno about you guys but I love this word.
''Oh c'mon, mods, barn this guy! He already broke too many rules.''
by DeaL April 06, 2013
a place where you go when your really drunk for all night hook ups.
Hey Lizzie, want to go to the barn?
Of course, lets do it all night long.

Sounds good!
by kkauffman January 31, 2008
v. to mess with, make worse. n. where the cows hang out. exclamation: damn! aw shucks! used as a double negative (barn barn) it becomes positive: hell yes! hooray! also signifies magical friendship club: the Barn Barn Fantasy Union.
"don't barn my scene"
"the pigs are chillin in the barn"
"barn you, man"
by lesham May 03, 2008
May be a clipping of the word barney. Used to label a white guy who thinks he's cool...but he's wrong. Subject may be seen wearing puca-shells while talking about "hangin' ten" even though he lives in San Jose.
"Don't date him...he's a BARN!"
by Patty G. Funk April 19, 2006
1: someone who latches on to a better person in order to make themselves appear better, which is usually apparent
"that ugly girl with the hotties is f***ing barn"
by gof November 13, 2003

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