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|ˈRō-mō| - verb - in U.S. Football, to panic in the face of pressure and throw the ball directly into the hands of of an opposing teammate with such accuracy, one might think the interception was intentional.
Way to Romo that pass, Orton; once again, the Cowboys miss the playoffs.
by PaulH January 05, 2014
(N) A term used to describe sterling currency.
1. Used to put greater emphasis on the value of currency in question.
2. Used to seperate the currency of the great nation motherland (England) from that of it's far shoddier neighbours (Scotland, Wales)
1. That cost me 10 ENGLISH POUNDS, look after it!

2. So that's 50 english pounds then, none of that foreign muck, no?
by paulh July 26, 2005
Old Yorkshire word, to go out. Would be used in conjunction with other traditional yorkshire dialect.
Kev, Is tha barn t'neet?

Translated- Kevin, would you be going out tonight?
by paulh July 26, 2005
A term used by the older generation, due to their socialisation and ignorance, to describe people with dark skin or black people. Not used as a term of mallice, simply due to lack of metropolitan society in the inter war period
Ken: Ooh, i like big brother me, derek's my fave
Grandma: Which one's Derek? He's the err... darkie, is he?
by paulh July 26, 2005
Term used in cricket, not generally by the older generation, to describe off-break or off-spin bowling.
Here, that fella's bowling an offy isn't he?
by paulh July 26, 2005
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