One who displays traits of a person with lillte common sence as if they were born in a barn
"Jon were you born in a barn?"
by Ben Smith September 29, 2004
One of the most horrible skateboard companies ever.
Anybody who buys a product from Barn Skateboards is a serious poseur.
by toucan8sam April 29, 2005
Big fatass kid who looks like jesus and droppedout of Maine East cuz he wanted to suck off his dean but the dude wouldn let him so he left and now lives a life as a chain smoker who practicaly spends every day at Kalas's house. He is also known as Neanderthal.
Dude, was that jesus kid Barn? What the fuck is he doing around school???
by Jaded Mercenary March 05, 2005
a barn is a very nice pussy
yo tina's got a nice pussy
by toucan8sam April 05, 2005
Stands for Bad Ass Right Now.
I'm so BARN.
by parker granger August 19, 2014

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