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adjective used to reinforce the idea that something is completely awesome, surprising, out of control, rediculous. it does what those words can't.
Do you like Dave Matthews band? Hell yeah dude they are totally barn!

" did you like the pizza?" " it was so barn!!
by ieatwhippedcream69 February 16, 2009
6 11
1: someone who latches on to a better person in order to make themselves appear better, which is usually apparent
"that ugly girl with the hotties is f***ing barn"
by gof November 13, 2003
6 11
An adjective meaning something of superior or impressive quality. Similar to epic, ninja, and boss.
Can also be used as a verb, meaning to do something impressive or amazing.
Josh, and Darren and Michael were throwing darts. Josh's dart hits Darren's slutty ex girlfriend in the boob and it deflates.

Darren: dude... you totally barned that one.
Josh: yeah, i agree. that was pretty barn.
Michael: dayum... those would be some barn boobs if they were real.
by i_am_sofa_king_ October 27, 2009
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in a nutshell: the opposite take on commonly used words such as fuck, rape, own, pwn and obliterate, used in similar context.

definition 1: the act of finding something so difficult that it fucks you over: "that fucks me up" -> "i barn that"

definition 2: where describing someone's ability to keep a firm hand: "everyone fucks jamie over" -> "jamie barns everyone"

history: circa 1990's: the word barn originated from the common mistake of reading "bam" and "barn", where the brain joins the letters 'r'&'n' to make 'm'.
"jamie, i want to get fucked by you" -> "barn me jamie"

"nuclear physics pwns me" -> "i barn nuclear physics"

"man, some dude just raped jamie" -> "man, jamie just barned some dude"

by putty182 August 14, 2007
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the Toronto slang word for house
Yo, you wanna chill at my barn tonight?
by Valenteezy April 22, 2006
10 17
Old Yorkshire word, to go out. Would be used in conjunction with other traditional yorkshire dialect.
Kev, Is tha barn t'neet?

Translated- Kevin, would you be going out tonight?
by paulh July 26, 2005
3 12
this is another name for KFC
I went to barn for dinner - i went to KFC for dinner
by BENDA August 10, 2006
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