alot of
there were bare wasps in my attic
by lollypops July 11, 2003
I've got BARE gals
by aisha March 29, 2003
A lot, a sort of plural of bare
*A long time
*Ive been here for bares
by DaveG217 April 04, 2006
Nuff, plenty, a lot
There was bare fit men in the joint
by J-ski March 07, 2003
Bare: This means that there is alot , or a large amount of something. It is classic slang were the word means the complete opposite of itself for example wicked (i know how old is that) but wicked oridginaly meant somthing bad
"There are bare shortys here tonight"
by JaKiE B April 27, 2006
Means VERY.
That club was bare dry!
by Jeej October 28, 2003
Extreme amounts of
there was Bare crewage advancing on us..

Then we found Bare bears

Hal has bare man-fetishes
by Rob D June 27, 2003
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