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The act of eating one, generally less tasty, type of food while looking at a more tasty one and pretending to eat that.
The crab cakes I ordered tasted like crap, so I foodsturbated to someone else's lobster.
by Rob D January 29, 2005
A young, virgin pussy with no hair (a.k.a. female jailbait)
I got some wooget last night.
by Rob D September 16, 2004
a childish insult, generally used amoung 4-8 year olds meaning that the person is stupid
Keith is a willybum
by Rob D April 01, 2003
Extreme amounts of
there was Bare crewage advancing on us..

Then we found Bare bears

Hal has bare man-fetishes
by Rob D June 27, 2003
spawned from the depths of a random 4char AIM SN generator.
sn0n is all about the system haqing while wearing nothing and porn playin in a small window on ones desktop. Are YOU sn0n?
you got sn0n'd dude!
by rob d July 22, 2004
A young, hairless ball-sack (a.k.a. male jailbait)
She fondled his bald niple.
by Rob D September 16, 2004
Any object that does not have a known term or definition.
Hey, hand me that bingus over there.
by Rob D September 10, 2004
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