Short for "Bare Back" Meaning to have anal sex without a comdom. Added In front of words such as "Peng" or "Buff" (meaning sexy)
"She is fucking Barepeng mate!"
by Jackshitmeaning November 26, 2008
- lots of
It is a modern slang word, used by players and chavs alike, and known now by others.
Origionated from Redditch, a town in england just south of birmingham.
"yo man i got BARE gash comin to this party tonight"

"He's been gettin bare texts off her"
by ~Frosty March 15, 2009
derived from and/or a deliberate mis/reprenunciation of the word "pure". Used to mean lots of or nothing but.
bare sluts go to that school
by eeax2 September 21, 2006
sheffield slang: a lot, loads, many
i don't give a shit if he's fucking her anyway. i'll be out tonight pulling bare lads, me.
by black market baby January 19, 2008
means 'alot of' as you all know but it can also be used on its own to describe something good for example..
'' yo gunna pics today''...''shiiit bare!!''

yo i bare need to do this thing

ahh nice 1 man thts BARE!!!
by jordykdkjfhdhf August 07, 2007
bare means 'very', in layman's terms
Ed Brooksmith: that is BARE nang
by G-Unit, safe November 17, 2005
another word 4 very used by chavz/pikeyz
ooh ur bare hard
hez bare buff
im goin give u bare beatz
by im bare hard November 09, 2005

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