London slang, means; alot of, very, loads, lots, many, really,
damn theres bare people down there..
by Jizzana June 12, 2010
Lots of, in abundance, very.

Does not mean 'naked'. Another slang term used by the worthless scum that populates our world.
" You're bare safe"
" Im gonna give him bare beats I told him ya mum and he was like bare scared and she was like whats with the bare beef and I was like lackage of respeck, init, and then he was like nah your my bare safe homie........"
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
Means Loads of something.
Im BARE Tired, or Ive Got Bare Cash
by Tony Black July 12, 2003
London slang for "lots of" or "very". Can also be used when expressing joy.
That girls is bare fit. There are bare girls at this party. Oh bare! = Great! Bare as in Ryan is bare next.
by Lordseen December 10, 2005
Bridges the gap between "very" and "a lot of", used in both contexts; groups multiple objects into a singular object; used to denote that something is rude and/or mean which comes from "That's bare deep"
"Those pens are bare nice", "That's bare pens", "You're a slippery nipple!" "BARE"
by CForward May 01, 2015
English slang for "a lot or very"

used the same way as Californians use "hella"
"man, I got bare homework"
by handleonthebucket May 24, 2014
a superlative adjective that can describe how good, bad something is. also an expression of quantity
that's bare nice
i had bare to drink last night
by george winter December 22, 2008
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