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3 definitions by Sonia_Uk

To say A-LLOW means eitha forget that or hell naw.
''shall we go and see wat dion and letesha are doin?''

''nah man allow dat dey probly shaggin each otha or sumthin''
by sonia_uk September 20, 2003
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bare basically meanz alot of or many itz a slang word originating from the west side of london (southall, hayes , ealing, greenford, but alot of ppl use it in brixton too)
'there was bare buff boyz on that train'

'i got bare enemies
by Sonia_Uk September 19, 2003
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originating from the london massives (mostly brixton) this word refers to a person or someone.
''he is a buff brare man im tellin ya'

''that bare has got serious issues ya know'

'dem brares think they ruff yo'
by sonia_uk September 20, 2003
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