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Lots of, in abundance, very.

Does not mean 'naked'. Another slang term used by the worthless scum that populates our world.
" You're bare safe"
" Im gonna give him bare beats I told him ya mum and he was like bare scared and she was like whats with the bare beef and I was like lackage of respeck, init, and then he was like nah your my bare safe homie........"
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
72 67
A lot of; very; an exclamation used in disbelief.
The woman had bare cats; I was bare tired; "I have a new car!" "Bare!"
by Ibäh July 15, 2004
1416 363
a lot of, an excessive amount.
-fuck cunt fuck little chav has nicked my handbag!
-thats terrible what was in it.
-bare shit!
-why on earth would you have bear shit in your handbag, it must have stunk!
by gallipoli December 12, 2004
1142 419
1. Lots of (many, a large amount of)
2. Very (extremely)
1. We've toked bare joints today
2. We're bare chunged
by Aidan Brooks May 31, 2005
785 260
Means Loads of something.
Im BARE Tired, or Ive Got Bare Cash
by Tony Black July 12, 2003
453 204
alot of, or lots of
I have bare doe
by Jeff King April 19, 2004
259 134
i got bare money
by icle_shane August 20, 2003
295 209
bare basically meanz alot of or many itz a slang word originating from the west side of london (southall, hayes , ealing, greenford, but alot of ppl use it in brixton too)
'there was bare buff boyz on that train'

'i got bare enemies
by Sonia_Uk September 19, 2003
265 216