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Spanish word used in Argentina for trouble, mess or tangle.
Deja de hacer bardo y ponte a trabajar.
En los foros hay muchos comentarios anónimos que buscan causar bardo.
by pimpollo0 July 20, 2011
derogatory term for a person of asian decent
Get off the road you stupid bardo, learn to drive!
by Yankee Doodles January 04, 2007
One who farts in the bathtub and bites at the fart's bubbles.
Greg is a bardo, what the eff, I'm never walking in on him. Ugh, I bet his bathtub is green.
by crackerass October 10, 2007
Scarborough word for a spliff or a joint
who's going to light that bardo. OR WHO"S GOT BARDO'S
by killer keels April 25, 2005
bar·do n 1 one severely lacking social functioning/skills; social retard. 2 someone who shows traits of being retarded.
Stop eating the dirt from the planter, you stupid bardo
by turtlehash January 29, 2005
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