to ditch or to blow off plans which you had previously made...especially for a significant other.

man, max really barded out on us, that's so typical of max.
by phillyb13 May 23, 2007
Top Definition
From the Gaelic "bàrd". A poet, musician, and entertainer. Also called a "minstrel" in some circles. Known through Latin as a "troubadour".
Strumming his lute, the bard sang of a tragic hero's love for a fair maiden, inciting fawning from the ladies of the court.
by Lorelili April 01, 2005
an ultraliberal, hippie dippie college in Annandale New York. Immoralized by Walter Becker of Steely Dan Fame who cursed the college in his song "My old school"
You're gonna live in a commune and make beaded belts? What, Couldnt get into Bard?
by Connecticutdoc June 20, 2009
Celtic Word pertaining to individuals who are masters in the arts, music, story telling etc, as indeed the Celts were. Rabbie Burns Is a good Example of a Bard. Shakespeare on the other hand is not, as he is an English Twat who wrote boring and historically innacurate Plays
The Bard Is Celtic
skakespeare is not!
Google search Bard and see whats on top!
by william the wallace March 05, 2006
Under the influence of Xanax
shit. I was so bar'd up that I watched my screen saver for 2 hours and missed the finale of LOST.
by subsis May 26, 2010
1. A poet, often a singing poet who might improvise his work, who was around during ancient and mediaeval times. They would often travel between town and town to recite folk ballads and songs. A famous example of a bard is the blind Greek known as Homer.

2. Nickname for Shakespeare
1. The bard came to the village to tell tales of times of old and distant lands.

2. Although many people think either (a) "Shakespeare uses too much old english" or (b) "Shakespeare's too intellectual," the Bard's works have remained timeless for over 400 years
by aleclair June 21, 2005
a poet and jack of all trades, even a thief if a need arises, a bard is welcome everywhere because of his beautiful songs
The bard was playing a ballad and the whole inn went quiet, listening to his song.
by Morte October 12, 2003

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