When saying "my bad", insterting bard rather than bad is a nice twist that is not expected. Or you could just not be a fuck up and never be at fault to have to say "my bad".
Damn, I want to split that bitches' oak. Oh my bard man, i didn't realize that was your mom.
by Pedro December 04, 2003
1) When one is speechless to say anything else, she says the word "BAARD" for no absolute reason...

2)Bard is the 2005 synonym of "word"...
1) Bob: So how's your day today?
Kurtis: iight
Kurtis: ...
Bob: BAARD!!

2) Bob: waz good nizzle...
Kurtis: nutin much..
Bob: o word up..
Kurtis: nah man..BAARD UP!!
by illestdemon January 30, 2005
a girl that makes out with other girls when on drugs
"Dude did you hear how Bard made out with that chick?"
"Yeah man, i totally knew she was a clesbo"
by Weenermeyer November 14, 2005
A young man who stays at home all day and plays PS2. "Brad is Bard" B-rad!
Bradley = Bardley
Brad is a bard, because he is bard.
Tuoch your shoulder then throw hand to a 90degree angle, palm facing up, hitting someone in the arm, while saying "BAHHH".
by Bardley October 24, 2003
One who plays bass and has one extremely awesome baby toe.
"Viva la Bard"

"Bard is B-rad!"
by Heidi April 12, 2004

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