to ditch or to blow off plans which you had previously made...especially for a significant other.

man, max really barded out on us, that's so typical of max.
by phillyb13 May 23, 2007
Dungeons and Dragons - A bothersome character which annoys the real tanks, such as fighters and barbarians, and serves no real purpose, other than to look stupid and get smashed into the earth by a golem.

Bards are only good as diversions or dragon chow. They are almost always elves or half-elves which is not too surprising due to the fact that 99% of the players of D&D are elves or half-elves.
Fighter/Barbarian: "I saw a half-elf Bard once try to use Charm Monster on a Dragon. He's fertilizer now... I then slew the dragon in less than three rounds."
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
The feeling equivalent to being dragged behind your stolen car 50 km/h on a dirt road in your underwear while your family is being shot, your girlfriend breaks up with you, you're losing your job and hair and the nails you ate yesterday are finding alternative ways of exiting your body.
It felt bård.

I only survived, because i was able to concentrate getting one foot in front of the other instead of the bård.

I wanted to kill myself because of the bård.

Fuck the king, i wish he was bård
by budda April 08, 2005
VERB ~ Past tense of the infinitive "to borrow."
My bother bard my pickup truck.
by manus June 03, 2004
To show a person that he/she has just been majorly insulted
Billy: I have a new girlfriend
Tom: Dude, that's your cousin
Billy: No... wait... you're right
Tom: Ha ha, DANG BARD!!!!
by Bard Master January 08, 2005
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