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A Caribbean island of sun, sand and fun. It is home to some of the greatest cricket players in the history of the game. Barbados, with its long historical ties to Great Britian is affectionately referred to as "Little England." It is also the birthplace of rum-- and still delivers award-winning rums to to this day.
Barbados sweet fuh days!
by Consett Bay Killa March 05, 2005
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a little slice of paradise sitting in the warm caribbean sea.
Island in the sun.
by §k¥©LåD March 15, 2003
Barbados is paradise... With very nice people
I went to barbados last week... Isnt english weather crap!
by weez February 25, 2005
the person that wrote definition five is a complete jackass who knows absolutely nothing about my country....((a true bajan say so...) I have nothing aginst americans and his/her so-called figuers are dead wrong i just wanted to clarify that....anyway:

barbados aka bim, babaydus, los barbados etc. is the best place in the world to live

people in barbados also have a very unique way of speaking known as Bajan dialect...
i say b i say b-a, b-a-r, b-a-r-b, b-a-r-b-a-d-o-s Barbados.
by bajanredz July 13, 2009
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