Internet message board and forum style. It's followers are distinguishable from the more common 'banter' brigade by virtue of the fact that their ramblings are far more intelligent, if forthrightly expressed, on a whole host of subjects: normally rubbish ones. Text speak is strictly outlawed, as is being generally stupid. It's the hyphen that does it; and it works for all manner of things. E.G. What shall we have for d-inner tonight? I've just f-arted. etc.
B-anter was great last night wasn't it?

Did you see those numpties on banter? Give me b-anter any day.

by b-anter king October 02, 2006
Is used to describe witty and abusive conversation between friends. One person is usually subject to the "Banter" and has the option to retaliate with more "Banter". Modifying the word "Banter" does not qualify as banter such as "BanterBus"; You're a "Bantersaurus" is not considered good banter. Changing the letters of "Banter" is also considered as one of the lowest forms of "Banter".
That "Banter" was hilarious last night!
by Geniuses10 March 05, 2011
Apparently another word for being a cunt
"josh your such a banter
by example5557 June 02, 2011
A term created by some to allow them to go beyound the realms of decent behaviour, and indulge in racist and sexist messages, all in the name of b-anter.
"Man, thats racist you idiot"
"Chill, its only b-anter"
by KleenexKid October 04, 2006
playfully insulting somebody, who will not take you seriously.
You complete twat ;) :P
by donnald duck June 04, 2005
The morale code of the gentlemen's XI
for the boys, and the banter
by oys February 06, 2012
this word allows the user to immediatly make any situation which has any homo erotic behaviour in it perfectly sraight.
it withdraws any notions that either party were ever performing such acts.
boy a: hey can i jizz on your face?
boy b: yeah sure
boy a: im done
boy b: Banter!!!!
situation is no longer gay.
by squirtrocks June 21, 2010

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