nonsense. lots of talk with no meaning or point.
i bantered with him all nite.
we are bishops of banter.
i like to banter.
by kat October 26, 2003
The act of spiking a friends drink with substances that may cause banterous side affects for extended periods of time.
No way... That's soo banterous, what a legend who spiked his drink!!
by Tyrone799 June 20, 2011
a word used by jocks and preps to describe the act of conversation. in a situation the observer can desribe the obsevered as good banter, for instance a fight between two girls.
'mate thats some quality banter'
by Fezzer June 22, 2006
David Duke
Cg: We have biology today
Junior: Yay! Time for the banter -.-
Beth: You love the banter.
by Sifer67 August 04, 2011
An exclamation intended to commemorate the occurence of a witty, jovially insulting, hilarously harsh or awkward comment, as well as lubricating the passage of conversation so as to facilitate further banter in the near future. It is most effectively used as a stand-alone catchphrase or vocal tool to break the awkward silence, indicate your approval of the previous comment or assert your position as the alpha banterer, or, in rarer circumstances, an effective "banter beacon", defined as one able to signal the presence of banter within moments of it appearing. Has been known to be used as a noun in the previously described ways but is certainly better employed as a single exclamation, leaving explanation of its context to those immediately adjacent to the utterer of the word. Has known to be used in conjunction with "Lad!" throughout history.
girl: "why do you keep throwing stones at me?"
boy: "probably because i don't ever wanna have sex with you"
banter beacon: "BAAAANTER!!!!"

mandem: "shu-hutt your mouth or im gonna stab you blud"
banter beacon: "i think that calls for...BAAAN-TERRR!

"*innocent comment by someone more socially vulnerable than you*"

"you have to start taking this more seriously or you'll mess it up for all of us"
"............SHUT UP"

head: "im afraid you're being expelled for what you did"
banterous individual: " afraid you're being expelled for what i did"
head: "please, im trying to help you finish with your dignity intact"
banterous individual: "...that's what she said"
hidden banter beacon: "BAAAAAAANTER!"
by twelfth elf June 06, 2010
used to describe an act which was done to have fun only.
Aaron and Boris waxed their legs and belly infront of everyone in college to have a banter!
by Sunny2612 April 30, 2009
Banter! Chattin some shite... At my school they just shout out BANTER! occassionally to move things along a bit.
"Banter!" "Thats some well ace banter."
by Brian February 27, 2004

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