The act of injecting/intravenous drug use, commonly used around heroin junkies. But can be used for any IV drug user, whether it be methamphetamine, morphine (MsContin), demerol, cocaine, oxycodone (Percocet/OxyContin, hydrocodone (Viccodin), hydromorphone (dilaudid) etc.
"Dude, I've been banging 10 bags a day for almost a year now, I need help."
by n0yd March 02, 2008

1.) A term describing a person who is in a street gang.

2.) The act of "shooting-up" drugs with a syringe.

3.) A term describing a highly attractive person.


1.) "Be careful what you say to him, man. He's Bangin'."

2.) "I was so excited, I bought the heroin and started banging right away."

3.) "Man, that girl that just walked by was bangin'!"
by RubbaDub9202 September 24, 2009
To have great sex.
Oh girl let me tell you, me and Edward were banging the whole night!!!
by qwerty123321 July 10, 2008
Hot enough to Bang.

Having Sexual Intercourse.
The Pussycat Dolls always are lookin Banging!

You walked in right when we were Banging.
by Amy Rice. November 03, 2007
1. nailing someone
2. fucking
Will you be banging nails today or banging someone? I'll be bangin' that new chick in town.
by 0icu812 May 03, 2008
Gang relations
If somebody is banging then they are possibly representing a gang
Aye cuh, you banging?
by Savage33 December 23, 2014
1) A word that describes something to the liking of a lad.

2) A word of acknowledgement for a proposed event or rendezvous.

3) A word that describes a state of euphoric ecstasy.

4) A word that accentuates the shagability of a well bred homo-sapien.
1) "That pasta was absolutely banging."
"That party was banging."

2) "Tom I want you start on those accounts right away!"


3) "I feel absolutely banging chaps!"

4) "She isn't just fit, she's banging fit!"
by Paul Georgio December 29, 2011

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