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A very good brand of marijuana. Usually used on the east coast. Basically a synonym for chronic.
Friend 1: Yo you good?

Friend 2: What you need?

Friend 1: I need a 20, what kind you got

Friend 2: I got some bangings, I can get you a g for 25

Friend 1: Ight
by Saint Acai January 02, 2010
"A person which acts, talks or enjoys life by being a sad cunt and dreaming he could have a slut that doesnt want him or be a dj which is famous"
oakes stop banging and being a sad cunt like bangers
by French Kiss Crew March 30, 2009
Banging - Something that is good or you are looking forward to something it is 'banging'
''That's proper banging''
by Dan Mcbob January 05, 2006
1) Something is awesome and great. Or you enjoyed something.
2) Something is nasty and you wanna make it heard.
1) The party last night was banging!
That tasted banging

2) Damnn your breath is banging
Her phone is banging.
by Mollzyy February 19, 2008
good, wonderful, excellent,
That restaurant is banging.
by Light Joker January 28, 2005
looking very sexy and sex-able
Brad Pitt is banging.
by lala August 02, 2003
hitting something in
"ooo what are you doing john?"
"Well margaret, i am banging a nail into my foot"
by tom rees November 27, 2003