hitting something in
"ooo what are you doing john?"
"Well margaret, i am banging a nail into my foot"
by tom rees November 27, 2003
The specific act of using a hypodermic needle to inject illegal drugs into your body. Most heroine and morphine abusers are "Bangers" Because they "bang" their dope.
Damn, looks like I have to stoop to scum level again and find some pecker to blow so I can have money to score some dope so I can get back to my life of being a loser and banging drugs.
by David Lowder July 14, 2006
a general exclamation of happiness, joy or shock. Often used by simpletons who know nothing better.
'you're proper banging mate'
by drunkymonkey March 05, 2005
To do something with your bangs.
when are we bangingg.?
(when are we cutting/curling/highlighting our bangs)
by MenaLOVEx3 October 05, 2009
to bang an old birds nips/tits whilst using an up and down motion with da hand e.g ali g's booyakasha
o my god that mans banging in street!
by daz May 14, 2003
banging is the term often used by English people for sex, it is often pronounced bangin'
note: men can't bang other men and women can't bang other women
last night i went out for some bangin' and i banged 3 girls
by CameronG July 19, 2005
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