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a general exclamation of happiness, joy or shock. Often used by simpletons who know nothing better.
'you're proper banging mate'
by drunkymonkey March 05, 2005
9 18
To do something with your bangs.
when are we bangingg.?
(when are we cutting/curling/highlighting our bangs)
by MenaLOVEx3 October 05, 2009
3 13
The specific act of using a hypodermic needle to inject illegal drugs into your body. Most heroine and morphine abusers are "Bangers" Because they "bang" their dope.
Damn, looks like I have to stoop to scum level again and find some pecker to blow so I can have money to score some dope so I can get back to my life of being a loser and banging drugs.
by David Lowder July 14, 2006
20 30
banging is the term often used by English people for sex, it is often pronounced bangin'
note: men can't bang other men and women can't bang other women
last night i went out for some bangin' and i banged 3 girls
by CameronG July 19, 2005
21 32
to bang an old birds nips/tits whilst using an up and down motion with da hand e.g ali g's booyakasha
o my god that mans banging in street!
by daz May 14, 2003
2 15
using a hard level of bass
his car system was bangin'
by ashley June 12, 2003
5 19
person that is ready for the future.
Something great....means "banging"
This guy is ready for the banging
by bangingboy September 21, 2006
1 20