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a word that you say when someone is sex worthy.
the state of being fuckable
Person 1: ohhh dammn... do you see that dude... he's MEGA SEXY
Persom 2: oh yeh he's so bangable
by Chanelliepooh February 10, 2008
42 14
A standard a man uses when he's looking to have sex
Yeah she's ugly, Yeah she has big forehead, yes she's a hermaphrodite, but dude she's still bangable
by Smitty November 08, 2003
293 123
a man who is incredibly attractive and therefore worth banging; worthy of your sexual attention and pleasure, whether it be a male or female.
me: emo boys are very much bangable.
meaghan: i agree. their cute little man purses and artificial sadness really turn me on.
by maria January 14, 2004
276 115
When a woman's attractiveness is sufficient enough to allow her to banged by you.
Do you see that girl at the bar?
What, the bald eye-patch wearing slob?
Yea, she's bangable.
by doogie March 27, 2003
164 60
A way to describe someone who has some quality that makes them sexually irresistible, and who doesn't have some quality that would make having sex with them questionable. It's someone who you wouldn't mind having sex with right then, right there, because of some reason. You don't have to be smokin' hot to be bangable. It can be looks, or intangible qualities like personality or charisma.
He'd be bangable if he wasn't in a frat.

She'd be bangable if she didn't have herpagonosyphilaids.

I don't know why, but he's just bangable!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
65 23
Anybody that looks good enough to have sex with.
Megan Fox is bangable
by arnold hayes February 21, 2010
14 5
Bangable-Some body that looks so good you would bang.
Sally: That boy is sexy right!

Ashley: Nooo he's BANGABLE!
by LOLLiPoPBoTTLeS June 21, 2010
12 5