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5 definitions by doogie

The first toke on a freshly-loaded pipe of marijuana.
I packed it so I gets the greens.
by doogie March 27, 2003
When a woman's attractiveness is sufficient enough to allow her to banged by you.
Do you see that girl at the bar?
What, the bald eye-patch wearing slob?
Yea, she's bangable.
by doogie March 27, 2003
A great Anime ita a mix between comdey & Romance
Naru I like you
by doogie July 09, 2003
Excellent marijuana, great high with no paranoia. Often very expensive. Opposite of schwag.
Git that dirtweed away from me, I only smoke the kindbud.
by doogie March 27, 2003
A diverse organzation trying to help save the over populated, dark fried chicken eating, child molesting, lubed up, scrambling city of THE D.
Mom, when I grow up, can I be in Whoretech?
by Doogie July 26, 2004