Bangable-Some body that looks so good you would bang.
Sally: That boy is sexy right!

Ashley: Nooo he's BANGABLE!
by LOLLiPoPBoTTLeS June 21, 2010
somoeone worth haveing sexwith; fuckable; man or woman who isnt so ugly that you are not able to have sex with them, but just hott enough to fuck.
dude, that "evalyn" girl, shes totaly bangable. i mean, i'd fuck her.
by joshg2323 March 26, 2007
A girl with a perfect body that you would do anything to have sex with.
by theforeigner March 06, 2011
a man who is incredibly attractive and therefore worth banging; worthy of your sexual attention and pleasure, whether it be a male or female.
me: emo boys are very much bangable.
meaghan: i agree. their cute little man purses and artificial sadness really turn me on.
by maria January 14, 2004
when a person is able to be banged
wow, that girl over there is definatly bangable!
by dvlluke August 12, 2005
something that you want to bang.

having sexy qualities
Tori is very bangable because she has big boobs.
by Ravenfan47 January 09, 2011
Someone who is very sexy and pretty / handsome and is believed to be worthy of having sex with or 'banged' which resulted in the slang word 'bangable'. A person being called 'bangable' is therefore being told that the person want's to have sexual intercourse with them or 'bang' them.
*girl walk's into bar who is very beautiful*
man1: "wow, dude, look at that, she's fucking bangable!"
Man2: "I know dude, I'd bang her any day of the week!"
by sdjlkjhtgfv August 02, 2011

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