2 definitions by Chanelliepooh

a word that you say when someone is sex worthy.
the state of being fuckable
Person 1: ohhh dammn... do you see that dude... he's MEGA SEXY
Persom 2: oh yeh he's so bangable
by Chanelliepooh February 10, 2008
the word that females call a guy who is totally messed up
he is messed up n is the male version of a SLIME

these are the characteristics of a DICKFART

- they go out with girls only for sex
- they say they love u but they know its a lie
- they make u feel like something but then take that feeling back away from you
-they are always SEXYY n totally LOVABLE
-basically they are liars and FAKES
before : wow i'm so in love with keith
after : he lied to me n broke my heart. keith is sucha dickfart =/
by Chanelliepooh February 07, 2008

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