I saw a few articles on here blaming white people for what happened to baltimore. Notably #42, "Tom's".

Well, here's an angry black man's opinion of the matter:

Yes, Baltimore sucks. Baltimore sucks BADLY. Why?

Here's why...

What was a thriving blue-collar city lined with beautiful independent ethnic family shops, marble steps, a strong sense of community and common good, was sacrificed by the democrats to create a welfare city and thus a base of power in the "south". In order to drive out industry and blockbust neighborhoods they raised taxes disproportionately, none of which were used to stimulate art or cultural activities. They overtaxed industry and forced them out, thus destroying the work force and forcing white blue collar workers to find work elsewhere (later they would slap them in the face further by saying that they "ran" from blacks because of "White Flight"). From there, the police force was corrupted from the bottom up, intentionally, by organized crime syndicates and cartels which have now made baltimore the heroin capital of the united states. Because of this, and the very NON-socialist (you have to work to make a socialist welfare state function properly) democratic scheme to create a drug-hole, street crime rose to massive proportions. This forced the rest of the ethnic european (white), jewish, mediterranean, etc communities to pack up and leave. During the race riots, the italians protected little italy by standing out in the streets with weapons. the rioters didn't dare cross the line. The germans, poles, and greeks did the same to protect highlandtown and greek town. Even with these efforts to stand their ground and protect the sanctity of all that they had worked to build, these groups were forced out by the unchecked and unpunished street and hate-crimes inflicted by the selfish, hateful, racist black "community" that we have here in baltimore. They blame white people for everything, when its only the whites and hispanics that seem to work here. you know you're in a bad situation when illegal immigrants do more to empower your city and bring to it civilization than your majority fucking people.

baltimore was systematically destroyed. a welfare trap was created to CREATE poverty and maintain it. blacks were used as pawns and still are. Not by white people. Not by a white system. Only because they choose to be. In order to save baltimore, the black community needs to be "less black and more community" and get over their OWN racial barriers to revive a city the problematic sector of their population more than jovially helped to destroy.
Baltimore: Money for nothing and your kicks for fr... AIDS.
by Idiotmoron2 November 23, 2008
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Baltimore is the greatest city on earth. Sure its a little dirty, but thats a city for ya. What's there not to love. Going north on 95 at night there isnt a prettier sight. The neon Nati Boh, Domino sugar, and Philip's signs are great. The inner harbor and power plant live. There has to be something great about the city for row houses to sell for upwards of 300,000. And whats not to love about patterson park. And sure theres crime. But it's concentrated. Its not smart to wander onto north ave or greenmont street at night. All i can say is i love baltimore and anyone who bashes Bmore has probably never been here.
B'lieve hon.

How bout them O's.
by Mike from Bmore May 02, 2005
A city (not in Baltimore County, Baltimore City is entirely separate) in central MD.
Home to many crab cakes, the Orioles, the Ravens, Harborplace, and many other nifty things
by RandomSegaFanboy August 21, 2004
One of the best party cities in the world... Well, not if you are: A.) Under 21 and obsessed with letting sweaty yo boys dance all over you; B.)Scared to sit in a cab and have a friendly conversation with your foreign cab driver; or C.)Looking for some sort of "celebrity encounter".
I have lived here my whole life, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I like to sit at Kisling's and drink a beer while watching the O's kick some Yankee ass on TV. I like walking around the Square (Canton) and jumping into a stool at one of the first bars with their windows open. I LOVE sitting in the cheap seats at Camden Yards cheering on the most underrated team in baseball (just because our payroll isn't ridiculous doesn't mean we aren't good). And I can't imagine missing Sunday night karaoke at Fletcher's with all of my friends.
Most of these definitions are bashing Baltimore. But if you have lived here, you appreciate all of the little things. So we aren't the safest city... Don't be an idiot and wander into West Baltimore after dark. We might not be the cleanest, but the Inner Harbor collects all of the trash that floats through the freaking bay. But we have history. We are extremely cultured. We are Baltimore, and you aren't going to change that.
"How 'bout dem O's, hon?"
by MMoFoW April 28, 2005
The city in Maryland that's bashed repeatedly on this site by those who have never been there before. One can easily travel through the East Side of Baltimore with no problem at all: black, white, man, woman. What's more, bands frequently play in the neighborhoods that you fear the most, and they manage to lug their instruments back and forth without any mugging/robbing attempts whatsoever.

We do have the STDs and weed, though.
I walked up and down North Avenue with twenties hanging out of my pockets, and nothing happened to me.
by Fuck a Bitch March 28, 2005
home of the best people in the world! i love bmore! filled with the best people and places in the world!
Baltimore: Best city posible!
by sexxy March 17, 2005
Welcome to the home of Crabcakes, Club music, chicken boxes and Crown Vics. From Park Heights to Cherry Hill to Greenmount to Edmonson Village, Baltimore is historic Bitches!!! You gotta love us!
The best chicken boxes are in Baltimore!
by R Phoenix April 04, 2006
A city that thrives on letting you know how hard you REALLY are is NOT how fat your wallet is, or how stacked your portfolio may be. Come correct, or you could be the next statistic they love to examine us by.
Come correct, or don't come.
by KevinK May 21, 2005
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